Who We Are

KINETIKA was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Salas and her husband Sokol Hakrama in 2017. She is a former professional volleyball player who represented the Sr Mexican volleyball team and is a former member of the beach Canadian team. Dr. Salas has a kinesiology degree and a PhD in biomechanics from YorkU. She’s currently a postdoctoral fellow at TMU working on AI approaches to reduce injury and to optimise performance in volleyball.

Sokol is a former member of the Sr. Albanian Volleyball team, who also played professionally in Stranssen (Luxembourg). He is also a physical education teacher trained overseas. 

As immigrants to Canada, finding affordable access to elite quality volleyball training, resources and competitions was a constant challenge. With both having similar professional backgrounds and a shared love for volleyball, they decided to actively tackle this problem. Their goal is to make elite programming and resources more easily accessible to upcoming athletes of all backgrounds.